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Wrought Iron Gates - Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Wrought Iron Gates

Our wrought iron gates are built to last, and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a long lasting, attractive and secure solution.


We can tailor a bespoke design, whether you have a simple style in mind or want a more complex and decorative design, and our years of experience allow us to deliver beautiful, finely constructed wrought iron gates to your exact specifications.


Sheffield Auto Gates specialise in supplying automation systems for a variety of gates. Whether you’re investing in new iron gates, or would like us to automate your existing gates, we have a wide range of solutions to ensure their functionality and convenience.

Adding to our range of bespoke metal railings for a traditional, secure border for your property, you can even choose the finish you prefer to ensure it perfectly complements your metal fencing and fixtures.



Simply give us a call to find out more about our wrought iron gates – and remember, thanks to our dedicated and fully equipped Sheffield based factory, size is no issue for our craftsmen.


You can rely on our experts to ensure that we can provide you with the most cost effective and reliable gate system to suit your needs.

For friendly advice and a quote, please call 0800 533 5824

Our wrought iron gates are always high quality, and are built to last!

Why Choose Iron Gates?

  • Convenient To Open & Close

  • Reliable For Many Years

  • Can Be Solar Powered

  • Customised To Suit Your Needs

Wrought Iron Gate Repairs

Whether we fitted your gates or not - our experts can provide quick and affordable repairs to your wrough iron gates. Read more...

Iron Gate Maintenance

We provide regular and one-off maintenance to ensure that your wrought iron gates stay in tip-top condition. Read more...

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